Value added marketing

We get the most out of media by leveraging on and off air value that goes way beyond basic media buying — all to maximize leads and ensure results. Our Commitment To focus on your business so as to understand you, your marketing objectives, strategy and historical tactics so as to provide media plans designed to work. To know your brand and your demographics to ensure effective and efficient communication to reach your target audience. To develop a tactical plan to ensure long term success.

Value added marketing

Recipient Email Enter a Message I read this article and found it very interesting, thought it might be something for you. So the first step to improving your customer service is to remember this key point: People hate being sold to.

Twitter is great for both listening and engaging with prospects; LinkedIn is useful for joining group forums and discussions, whilst Facebook may be useful for engaging with a specifier-based audience.

Addi'd Value - Independent Marketing Services

After all, how are you expected to work alongside your customer and get to know their needs and wants without listening and engaging in the right places? It should therefore be used for the following: Answering any queries that your target audience may have Guiding their user journey by pointing them in the right direction, whether this is a link towards a useful application page or a product testimonial.

Inform your customers when this will be taking place and get a technical member of your team to schedule in an hour or so of their time to provide the answers. In order to Value added marketing these in line with audience behaviour, try out Followerwonk ; this supports your social activity by providing Twitter analytics; who are your followers?

Where are they located? When do they tweet? Remember that Value added marketing clearly defined social strategy in line with your content is the only effective way of ensuring that every action you do points towards providing added value for your client and becoming a friendly face for when they need you.

And never use social purely for broadcasting purposes; this will not make your brand memorable. Have a read of our post on how other Building Product Manufacturers are currently using social media.

This is exactly your chance to hop on board and prove you are the market leaders by providing specific content catered to the needs of your audience. This is the best way to establish your voice as an authority in your field and prove you are the go-to place online.

Core topics should include: Regular E-books and whitepapers created from your blog content and promoted as free guides will also allow you to share your knowledge and provide your prospects with reliable, actionable information.

Value added marketing

Whilst the above topics are essential to Building Product Manufacturers, the most frequently shared content is fun, dynamic and playful; play with this human element and show you have fun within your community by mixing your messaging with sharable videos or infographics.

Google trends is also a great tool for ensuring your content is the most relevant it can be; what topics are currently trending?

What topics are on the rise?

Value Added Distributors - Welcome!

Are these topics relevant to your brand? Use this in line with your Google Analytics to analyse the most popular landing pages and trending on-site searches.

Email newsletters could include educational-type posts perhaps helpful installation tips and guidancea friendly update on newly joined team members, or an update from a recent industry or charity event. Again it is important here to focus on the content aspect of your newsletter.

Rather than focusing on promoting your latest product or offering discounts, use carefully curated content which should already exist within your blog area to re-affirm your brand as a credible voice of authority.

Online calculation tools eg.

Value added marketing

U-values and Coverage Specification builder applications Product selector and comparison tools Members Login and Project Areas E-learning and CPD Areas Product comparison tools Colour and texture selectors A members area with a CPD section and a range of specification tools will enable your prospects to feel that little bit more appreciated and valued.

Provide added value by maintaining regular contact and updating professional bodies with changes to your business, whilst keeping up to speed and interested with their business developments too. Aim to be helpful and reliable with every useful contact you meet as you never know when you may need their support back.

See the below screenshot taken from a Construction Forum group on LinkedIn, with a range of members conversing and sharing their thoughts on recent industry news and products.

This will not only enable you to build a strong support network, it will also mean that you start to build a presence in other markets and source new suppliers. If you take anything away from this post, remember that understanding human sentiments is absolutely critical to achieving added value and high levels of customer satisfaction, not just within the construction industry but throughout a range of marketing sectors.Abstract: The role of sound science, discovery, and innovation in value-added pharmaceuticals has not been sufficiently considered.

This term is mainly used to define improved version of generic drugs. The concept of value-added pharmaceuticals has been picked up by .

CAIP Investment Area: Value-Added & Marketing - 3 of 3 Exclusions / Limitations: Self-propelled vehicles/equipment are not eligible for cost-share, including but not limited to tractors, trucks, all terrain vehicles, skid steers, etc.

of, relating to, or being a product whose value has been increased especially by special manufacturing, marketing, or processing value-added goods. 3.

Marketing: Creation of a competitive advantage by bundling, combining, or packaging features and benefits that result in greater customer acceptance.

Oct 22,  · Sujan is the co-founder of Web Profits, a growth marketing agency, and a partner in a handful of software companies including Mailshake,, . A value-added marketing provider stands apart by setting a fixed price for the output (what the buyer wants) and finds a process for delivering it so reliably, that they can still pay their labour based on time, but present it to you as a fixed cost.

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