Thesis assumptions and limitations

Full Answer Overview In a thesis, the scope defines exactly what will be covered in a study, while the limitations are the constraining aspects that may have influenced or affected the research. For example, if the study covers the native population of a particular region, that specific population is the scope. If the researcher has a bias due to inclusion in this population, then this is a limitation.

Thesis assumptions and limitations

Diving Deeper into Limitations and Delimitations Page 1 of 2 If you are working on a thesis, dissertation, or other formal research project, chances are your advisor or committee will ask you to address the delimitations of your study. In a previous articlewe covered what goes into the limitations, delimitations, and assumptions sections of your thesis or dissertation.

Here, we will dive a bit deeper into the differences between limitations and delimitations and provide some helpful tips for addressing them Thesis assumptions and limitations your research project—whether you are working on a quantitative or qualitative study.

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However, the biggest difference between limitations and delimitations is the degree of control you have over them—that is, how much they are based in conscious, intentional choices you made in designing your study.

Some limitations are inherent to your research design itself. Likewise, while an experimental study allows you to draw causal conclusions, it may require a level of experimental control that looks very different from the real world thus lowering external validity. Of course, your choice of research design is within your control; however, the limitations of the design refer to those aspects that may restrict your ability to answer the questions you might like to answer.

Limitations can get in the way of your being able to answer certain questions or draw certain types of inferences from your findings. Delimitations are also factors that can restrict the questions you can answer or the inferences you can draw from your findings.

However, they are based on intentional choices you make a priori i.

Thesis assumptions and limitations

Like limitations, delimitations are a part of every research project, and this is not a bad thing. If you try to do so, your project is bound to get huge and unwieldy, and it will become a lot more difficult to interpret your results or come to meaningful conclusions with so many moving parts.

You have to draw the line somewhere, and the delimitations are where you choose to draw these lines. One of the clearest examples of a delimitation that applies to almost every research project is participant exclusion criteria.

In conducting either a quantitative or a qualitative study, you will have to define your population of interest. Defining this population of interest means that you will need to articulate the boundaries of that population i. Those boundaries are delimitations.

The possibilities can go on. These are choices you will need to make, both for practical reasons i.Guidelines for Writing a Thesis or Dissertation, Linda Childers Hon, Ph.D. Outline for Empirical Master’s Theses, Kurt Kent, Ph.D.

Theoretical assumptions; discuss limitations they impose.

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Chapter III. METHODS. Outline in a few pages. A. Introduction. General description of method and design. Assumptions, Limitations, Delimitations, and Scope of the Study. By Marilyn K.

Thesis assumptions and limitations

Simon, PhD and Jim Goes PhD. Includes excerpts from Simon & Goes (). How to write a thesis proposal I. Framework II. Structure of a thesis proposal III. Order in which to write the proposal IV.

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Resources I. Framework. Sample Scope and Delimitations The main focus of this project was the design of an efficient Energy Recovery System of Seawater Reverse Osmosis Plant. Limitations. Although this research was carefully prepared, I am still aware of its limitations and shortcomings. First of all, the research was conducted in the .

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