The secret garden book essay

After Mary became an orphan, she was forced to move in with her uncle, Mr. Craven, who is a very busy businessman and lives in a very big house.

The secret garden book essay

At the turn of the 20th centuryMary Lennox is a sickly and unloved year-old girl, born in India to wealthy British parents who never wanted her and make an effort to ignore the girl.

She is cared for by servants, who allow her to become a spoiled, aggressive, and selfish child. After a cholera epidemic kills her parents The secret garden book essay the servants, Mary is discovered alive but alone in the empty house.

She briefly lives with an English clergyman and his family in India before she is sent to Yorkshirein England, to live with Archibald Craven, a wealthy uncle whom she has never met, at his isolated house, Misselthwaite Manor.

At first, Mary is as rude and sour as ever. She dislikes her new home, the people living in it, and most of all, the bleak moor on which it sits.

However, a good-natured maid named Martha Sowerby tells Mary about the late Mrs Craven, who would spend hours in a private walled garden growing roses. Mrs Craven died after an accident in the garden, and the devastated Mr.

Craven locked the garden and buried the key.

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Mary becomes interested in finding the secret garden herself, and her ill manners begin to soften as a result. Soon she comes to enjoy the company of Martha, the gardener Ben Weatherstaff, and a friendly robin redbreast.

Her health and attitude improve, and she grows stronger as she explores the moor and plays with a skipping rope that Mrs Sowerby buys for her.

From the SparkNotes Blog Burnett was born in Manchester, England, in but moved with her family to America when she was sixteen and has lived there ever since.
The Secret Garden: a Book Review - Sample Essays Each of the twenty distinct areas is completely different in atmosphere.
Essay: The Secret Garden Maintained by Jarred Leeper, Millikin University.

Mary wonders about both the secret garden and the mysterious cries that echo through the house at night. As Mary explores the gardens, her robin draws her attention to an area of disturbed soil.

Here Mary finds the key to the locked garden and eventually the door to the garden itself. She asks Martha for garden tools, which Martha sends with Dickon, her year-old brother.

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Mary and Dickon take a liking to each other, as Dickon has a kind way with animals and a good nature. Eager to absorb his gardening knowledge, Mary tells him about the secret garden.

One night, Mary hears the cries once more and decides to follow them through the house. She is startled when she finds a boy her age named Colin, who lives in a hidden bedroom. She soon discovers that they are cousins, Colin being the son of Mr and Mrs Craven, and that he suffers from an unspecified spinal problem which precludes him from walking and causes him to spend most of his time in bed.

Mary visits him every day that week, distracting him from his troubles with stories of the moor, Dickon and his animals, and the secret garden. Mary finally confides that she has access to the secret garden, and Colin asks to see it.

Colin is put into his wheelchair and brought outside into the secret garden.

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It is the first time he has been outdoors for years. While in the garden, the children are surprised to see Ben Weatherstaff looking over the wall on a ladder.

Startled and angry to find the children in the secret garden, he admits that he believed Colin to be a cripple. Colin stands up from his chair and finds that his legs are fine, though weak from long disuse.

Colin and Mary soon spend almost every day in the garden, sometimes with Dickon as company. When he receives a letter from Mrs Sowerby, he takes the opportunity finally to return home. The servants watch, stunned, as Mr Craven and Colin walk back to the manor together.

Rejuvenation theme[ edit ] The secret garden at Misselthwaite Manor is the site of both the near-destruction and the subsequent regeneration of a family. The entire book was first published in summer by Frederick A.

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Its copyright expired in the United States inand in most other parts of the world inplacing the book in the public domain. As a result, several abridged and unabridged editions were published during the late s and early s, such as the full-color illustrated edition from David R.

Godine, Publisher in However, it has been noted that besides the garden, Maytham Hall and Misselthwaite Manor are physically very different.Book-to-Movie Comparison: The Secret Garden The Secret Garden is a classic children’s novel that is read in classrooms around the United States.

It was written by Frances Hodgson Burnett in , and it details an unloved child named Mary Lennox. Essay about Comparing the Book and Movie Version of The Secret Garden Words | 3 Pages.

The Secret Garden: Book vs. Movie The Secret Garden is a film based on Frances Hodgson Burnett's classic children's book bearing the same title. While The Secret Garden is an exquisite children's story, its timeless themes, precisely drawn characters, and taut narrative make it worthy of the serious discussion due any classic novel.

It is a tale of redemption, rich with biblical symbolism and mythical associations. The secret garden Essays: Over , The secret garden Essays, The secret garden Term Papers, The secret garden Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access.

The Secret Garden Essay Topics & Writing Assignments Frances Hodgson Burnett This set of Lesson Plans consists of approximately pages of tests, essay .

The secret garden book essay

The Secret Garden, written by Frances Hodgson Burnett, is a charming book about a girl named Mary Lennox. She is a spoiled and sickly child who lives in India. When her parents die because of a cholera epidemic, she moves to Misselthwaite Manor to live with her rich uncle in England.

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett