The life and career of carlos santana

Early life[ edit ] Santana was born in Santo Domingo. He has seven siblings: Their parents began divorce proceedings when he was 15 years old.

The life and career of carlos santana

The life and career of carlos santana

He learned to play the violin at age five and the guitar at age eight under the tutelage of his father, a mariachi musician. His younger brother, Jorge Santanawould also become a professional guitarist. Young Carlos was heavily influenced by Ritchie Valens at a time when there were very few Mexicans in American rock and pop music.

Carlos stayed in Tijuana but later joined his family in San Francisco. During his early years from the age of 10—12 he was sexually molested by an American man who brought him across the border. The Beatlesthe DoorsJimi Hendrix created revolution and evolution themes.

The youth of today must go there to find themselves. After several years spent working as a dishwasher in a diner and busking for spare change, Santana decided to become a full-time musician.

In he gained prominence due to a series of accidental events, all happening on the same day. Santana was a frequent spectator at The life and career of carlos santana Graham 's Fillmore West. During a Sunday matinee show, Paul Butterfield was slated to perform there but was unable to do so as a result of being intoxicated.

The life and career of carlos santana

Graham assembled an impromptu band of musicians he knew primarily through his connections with Butterfield's band and with the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplanebut he had not yet chosen all the guitarists. Santana's manager, Stan Marcum, immediately suggested to Graham that Santana join the impromptu band and Graham agreed.

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During the jam session, Santana's guitar playing and solo gained the notice of both the audience and Graham. The band's early success, capped off by a memorable performance at Woodstock inled to him signing a recording contract with Columbia Recordsthen run by Clive Davis. Santana[ edit ] Record deal, Woodstock breakthrough and height of success: They were not satisfied with the subsequent release which consisted of tracks recorded in May and decided changes needed to be made.

This resulted in the dismissal of drummer Bob Livingston. Santana replaced him with Mike Shrievewho had a strong background in both jazz and rock.

Percussionist Marcus Malone was forced to quit the band due to involuntary manslaughter charges, and the band re-enlisted Michael Carabello. Carabello brought with him percussionist Jose Chepito Areaswho was already well known in his native Nicaraguaand, with his skills and professional experience, was a major contributor to the band.

Bill Grahama Latin Music aficionado, had been a fan of the band from its inception, and arranged for them to appear at the Woodstock Music and Art Festival before their debut album was even released.

They were one of the surprises of the festival; their set was legendary and later the exposure of their eleven-minute instrumental " Soul Sacrifice " in the Woodstock film and soundtrack album vastly increased their popularity.

Graham also gave the band some key advice to record the Willie Bobo song " Evil Ways ", as he felt it would get them radio airplay. Their first album, Santanawas released in August and became a huge hit, reaching 4 on the U. Santana performing in Hamburg in November Inthe band's performance at the Woodstock festival introduced them to an international audience and garnered critical acclaim, although the band's sudden success put pressure on the group, highlighting the different musical directions in which Rolie and Santana were starting to go.

Rolie, along with some of the other band members, wanted to emphasize a basic hard rock sound which had been a key component in establishing the band from the start. At the same time, Chepito Areas was stricken with a near-fatal brain hemorrhageand Santana hoped to continue by finding a temporary replacement first Willie Bobothen Coke Escovedowhile others in the band, especially Michael Carabello, felt it was wrong to perform publicly without Areas.

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Cliques formed, and the band started to disintegrate. Consolidating the interest generated by their first album, and their highly acclaimed live performance at the Woodstock Festival in Augustthe band followed up with their second album, Abraxasin September The album's mix of rock, blues, jazz, salsa and other influences was very well received, showing a musical maturation from their first album and refining the band's early sound.

Abraxas spent six weeks at 1 on the Billboard chart at the end of I have been a fan since he began his musical career and, although the "Welcome" album was not a huge commercial success, it is my favorite!

The complexity and intricacy of the music is astounding and Santana created a fantastic blend of musical styles, including collaboration with the famed Brazilian singer, Flora Purim.

At least six teams have have shown interest in Carlos Santana, but the market for the former Indians first baseman has been slow to develop.

Carlos Santana took the music world by storm back in with his thrilling performance at the Woodstock festival. He was the first guitarist to skillfully blend fiery rock riffs with Latin, blues and sensuous Afro-Cuban rhythms to create a unique and unforgettable sound.

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