The difficult employee

Then revisits it again. Then, when things fall apart and he is held responsible for his indecision, he becomes indignant or evasive.

The difficult employee

The difficult employee

Teamwork is critical in most companies. If your team includes one or more difficult employees who fails to work in a responsible or professional manner, the whole team could fail. Behavior such as gossip, slander or withholding information to gain an advantage can poison the entire team.

Managers must deal with difficult employees in a prompt, businesslike manner to make sure the team moves in the right direction. Evaluation When evaluating a difficult employee, carefully perform due diligence in an unbiased way.

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Invite all team members to private one-on-one meetings to discuss the dysfunctional situation with no fear of retribution. Ask open-ended questions to encourage a thorough discussion. Document each employee's account of the situation carefully, and then compare employees' stories to look for similarities and differences in perceptions of the difficult employee behavior.

Bring teams members back in, as needed, to discuss differences in the respective versions. Confrontation Request a meeting with the difficult employee, and include more than one member of your management team if possible.

If there is more than one troublesome employee, confront each one individually. Document every team member's side of the story and compare these stories to those of other team members.

Make a list of the offenses perpetuated by the employee and behavioral expectations of the employee using your company policy manual as a guide. Determine if the situation can be addressed with a mediation.

Mediation Start a mediation meeting with a positive evaluation of the team's successful steps to achieve its mission.


Then set clear expectations as to how the meeting will be held. For example, allow only one person to speak at a time and accept no name-calling. Because the goal of this meeting is reconciliation, seek forgiveness and change among the team members.

Carefully document all sides of the story and look for common ground.

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If the difficult employee seems contrite and willing to change, thank the employee and the rest of the team. Establish a plan with all involved parties to address any recurrences of the problem behavior, and carefully explain your expectations going forward.

Schedule a followup meeting with all parties to ascertain that the situation has improved. Document every meeting in each employee's employment file.Managers become very frustrated with employee performance problems, but often don’t take time to do “detective work” on the cause.

Before talking with someone about a performance issue, give some thought to possible reasons for the problem. Difficult employees are always going to be in the workplace.

Your job as a manager and coach is to determine the best path to ensure the team and work environment is productive.

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The way in which you manage these employees will not only affect your reputation as . Difficult employees create drag and impede progress. It’s like a ship trying to gain speed while dragging an anchor.

And the longer a leader allows the situation to continue, the more contamination spreads in the company culture. Generally, if a person proves to be difficult in the workplace, he or she will be far more difficult as a disgruntled former employee in the courtroom when lawsuits begin to fly.

Are they just difficult employees or impossible employees? Difficult employees are known for causing disruption to the workplace, but if a manager can take some time to look beyond the behavior there is much more going on than their behavior would dictate.

The Difficult, Mistreated Employee. The county manager just read a news story about a department director who had worked for him in another county government.

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