The banyan tree

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The banyan tree

When the Banyan Tree was first planted, it was just eight feet tall. Today it reaches a height of close to sixty feet and spreads out to cover over a two hundred foot area. The Banyan Tree has grown so large by dropping roots from its branches and then these roots become additional trunks over the process of time.

It is hard to get a decent picture of the Banyan Tree because it is so huge.

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The Banyan Tree shades two thirds of the two acre area that is Courthouse Square in downtown Lahaina. On weekends and other special days, the Banyan Tree watches over many art fairs and craft sales. The Banyan Tree also looks over the yearly celebration of Halloween.

At around sunset the tree is filled with birds squawking and making all kinds of noise. Might not be a good time to be standing underneath the tree. The seeds germinate and send down roots towards the ground, and may envelope part of the host tree or building structure with their roots, giving them the casual name of "strangler fig".

The "strangling" growth habit is found in a number of tropical forest species, particularly of the genus Ficus, that compete for light. Any Ficus species showing this habit may be termed a strangler fig. Older banyon trees are characterized by their aerial prop roots which grow into thick woody trunks which, with age, can become indistinguishable from the main trunk.

Old trees can spread out laterally using these prop roots to cover a wide area. The largest such tree is now found in Kolkata in India. One of famous banyan tree was planted in Kabirvad, Gujarat.

Record shows that Kabirvad is morethen years old.

The banyan tree

Another famous banyan tree was planted in in Lahaina's Courthouse Square in Hawai'i, and has grown to now cover two-thirds of an acre. Like other Fig species which includes the common edible fig Ficus caricabanyons have unique fruit structures and are dependent on fig wasps for reproduction.

The name was originally given to F. In the Gujarati language, banyan means "merchant", not "tree". The Portuguese picked up the word to refer specifically to Hindu merchants and passed it along to the English as early as with the same meaning.

The banyan tree

ByEnglish writers began to tell of the banyan tree, a tree under which Hindu merchants would conduct their business. The tree provided a shaded place for a village meeting or for merchants to sell their goods. Eventually banyan came to mean the tree itself. Today, the banyan is considered sacred in India and Pakistan.Celebrate in true Banyan style Our NYE set menu is the perfect way to indulge and celebrate the New Year.

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The Banyan Tree, Lahaina.

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The Banyan Tree was planted by the Sheriff on April 24th, to mark the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Protestant Mission in Lahaina. Enjoy the scenic view of the Indian Ocean and stay in a one of the 60 exquisite Creole-style pool villas at Banyan Tree Seychelles Resort.

Medicinal uses: The Banyan tree also has several medicinal leaf, bark, seeds and fig are used for the variety of disorders like diarrhea, polyuria, dental, diabetes and urine disorders.

Luxury Hotels and Resorts - Banyan Tree Characteristics[ edit ] Like other fig species, including the common edible fig Ficus caricabanyans bear multiple fruit in structures denominated " syncarps ". The syncarp of Ficus species supplies shelter and food for fig wasps and, in turn, the trees are totally dependent on the fig wasps for pollination.
Reach for the clouds on the 61st floor of the Banyan Tree Bangkok History[ edit ] Banyan tree canopy viewed from the street crossing at Lahaina The banyan tree is located close to the port in the historical Lahaina town, which was the former capital of Hawaii. It is the oldest banyan tree in Hawaii.
Lahaina Banyan Court Park - Wikipedia Indians call it a wish fulfilling tree.
Banyan Tree at Pavilion - Home Book What surprises people the most is to walk out on a rooftop with absolutely nothing above you.
Join the club National Tree of India Search National Tree of India The national tree of India, banyan is a very huge structure, long and deep roots and branches symbolize the country's unity. One can find banyan trees in throughout the nation.
National Tree Of India, Indian National Tree, The Banyan Tree, National Symbols Of India.