Refusal for eating disorders essay

What is an eating disorder? A simple definition of an eating disorder is abnormal patterns of behavior and thought. All eating disorders have shared characteristics.

Refusal for eating disorders essay

Hire Writer Yet, the treatments that address the mental health of the patient, and the root causes of the disorder, are not generally covered, or are only partially covered.

However, I feel that the treatment to an illness is cured through its roots and perhaps there should be more financial support in the root of this illness. I thought the intent for health care was designed to make people healthier in opposition to extracting money from the faithful customers. Moreover, nearly all of those victims felt powerless because of something they were feeling inside themselves.

But what happened to the genuine care of others? Medical insurance companies have networks of physicians, and facilities with a wealth of knowledge that have served loyal families, companies, and athletes for years.

Those physicians are also well trained within their particular field, and certainly know what is best for their patients. Some medical insurance companies do provide treatments to their members, however they are normally limited. At one time eating disorders were rarely talked about, kept hidden from others and very poorly understood.

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Individuals who demonstrate those types of traits are known as having an eating disorder and distressing as it may sound, most victims and none victims are not fully mindful of this disease.

A model of this unaware mindset of eating disorders is witness daily during a group discussion among friends. In both instances, John, Mary, and their acquaintances lack the knowledge of this life threatening illness; perhaps this is just one more reason why those illnesses should be covered via insurance.

Eating disorders are not one particular illness; instead it is made-up of four different types of illnesses that consist of anorexia, bulimia nervosas, compulsive overeating, and binge eating.

This constitutes the need to identity them separately, each one should be looked upon differently in order to gain a better understanding of them, and at this same hopefully this issue on insurance coverage should raise the level of unease and stress the need for more coverage and education regarding these disorders.

It can be triggered by hunger but is often a response to negative thoughts or feeling. They have affected lightweight boxers, family and friends, even affecting Diana, Princess of Wales.

It was once believed that eating disorders begin in the teenage years to due to physical, emotion, and social changes that youth experience, and it was once known that women suffering from eating disorders did not speak out, and older women in their 40s and 50s rarely experienced symptoms of eating disorders although now circumstances have changed.

There are still more reported cases of females suffering from eating disorders then men, however, there are now reported cases were a nine-year-old boy was diagnosed with eating order, and other boys and men are now stepping forward for help.

Furthermore, there are insurance companies in this era that have been sued for millions of dollars, all for refusing to pay for treatment of years-old anorexic [a type of eating disorder],a women who committed suicide because of her emotional shortfalls, and ignored cry for help.

How to cite this page Choose cite format:Early Onset Anorexia In recent years, it seems that the public has begun to pay more attention to eating disorders.

Refusal for eating disorders essay

This trend could be a consequence of the heightened nutrition and fitness craze that the 's has brought about, or possibly a result of more intense and conclusive research studies.

Eating disorder Essay. unfortunately not everybody cares. More often than you probably know, people resort to eating disorders as a way to lose weight faster.

An eating disorder is an unhealthy relationship with food and weight that interferes with many areas of a person’s life. One’s thoughts become preoccupied with food, weight or exercise. Many times eating disorders could be less prevalent, but throughout today’s era eating disorders have increased significantly; the most common eating disorder, anorexia nervosa has increased three times over the past forty years (Bäck, ).

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Anorexia and Food Refusal in Children "Eating Disorders in children and adolescents represent potentially life-threatening, debilitating conditions that impede physical, emotional, and behavioral growth and development. Eating Disorders Essay.

Eating Disorders The two main eating disorders faced are Anorexia and Bulimia. Anorexia Nervosa, commonly called Anorexia, is an eating disorder in which the person loses more weight than what is considered healthy.

This may be through a lack of eating, extreme “dieting,” or excessive exercise. Anorexia and Food Refusal in Children "Eating Disorders in children and adolescents represent potentially life-threatening, debilitating conditions that impede physical, emotional, and behavioral growth and development.

Treatments for Food Refusal in Children