Rackham humanities dissertation fellowship

Scholarly Community Graduate Student Fellowships Awarded The Institute for Research on Women and Gender and the Rackham Graduate School have awarded funding to graduate students for wide-ranging projects related to women, gender, and sexuality. The graduate students were selected from a highly competitive pool.

Rackham humanities dissertation fellowship

Graduate Certificate Programs All joint PhD students are fully funded via a combination of fellowships and teaching or research assistantships for at least five years. All first-year students will receive a fellowship. Funding in subsequent years differs from program to program; generally support comes from two to three years of teaching and then an additional one to two years of fellowship.

Rackham Predoctoral, Institute for the Humanities, Barbour and external e. Summer funding opportunities vary from program to program. We work with each student to identify appropriate summer funding sources.

At the time of application to the program, no separate application for financial aid is required. All admitted students will receive a complete funding package that is explained in detail in their admissions letter. Once a student has matriculated, some competitive fellowships may require separate applications as described below.

Please note that these lists are not exhaustive. Amounts vary from year to year and funding is not guaranteed. The WS Department is able to offer graduate students in the joint PhD programs a grant each year for travel to conferences, to research collections, or for other research expenses.

Joint PhD students can also receive some reimbursement funds to cover job search expenses. These funds may be used for Interfolio, business cards, express shipping, or graduate letter service expenses.

Additional funding opportunities may be found on the Rackham website. Humanities Research - Candidacy and Dissertation Fellowships: For students in the humanities and humanities-related social sciences to decrease time towards degree. To speed the process of completing the dissertation and to fund the defense term.

Awarded at the writing stage of the dissertation. Students must have filed a dissertation committee with Rackham.

Rackham humanities dissertation fellowship

Support includes stipend for the term, tuition and fees, and GradCare. October and mid-January Fellowships Awarded through Rackham Each department is invited to nominate candidates for the following awards.

Students submit applications to the DPC, which will decide on the final nominee s. For all Rackham awards, please view the Rackham website. For outstanding students who will complete the dissertation in the year in which they hold the fellowship and who will complete the doctorate within six years of beginning their program.

Fellowship includes a stipend, tuition and fees, and GradCare for 3 terms. November International Student Fellowship:The program provides fellowships for women pursuing full-time study to complete dissertations, conducting postdoctoral research full time, or preparing research for publication for eight consecutive weeks.

The purpose of the Dissertation Fellowship is to offset a scholar’s living expenses while she completes her dissertation. Rackham Humanities Research Dissertation Fellowship, Rackham Graduate School, University of Michigan Research/Study/Travel Grant, History Department, University of Michigan.

ACLS invites applications for Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowships, which support a year of research and writing to help advanced graduate students in the humanities and related social sciences in the last year of PhD dissertation writing.

The . Fellowships: University of Michigan History Department Finishing Fellowship () Rackham Humanities Dissertation Fellowship () Rackham Humanities Research Candidacy Fellowship () Rackham Centennial Spring/Summer Fellowship () Gladys Davis Fellowship, University of Michigan Department of History ().

Awards, Grants, and Fellowships (Selected) *ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award, University of Michigan () *Arthur Fondiler Distinguished Dissertation Award (for the best dissertation in the department of history), University of Michigan () *Rackham Humanities Dissertation Fellowship, University of Michigan ().

Kennedy's research has been supported by numerous grants and fellowships, including a Fulbright Fellowship to Russia and Rackham Humanities Research and Dissertation Fellowships. Her dissertation on Shostakovich's sketch materials was nominated for a Distinguished Dissertation Award () from the University of Michigan.

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