Managing a global team: greg james at sun microsystems, inc. essay

On the attachment, it says there are 2 case studies, just do one and not the IKEA one. You will work on the two case studies indicated in the Course 0 tl E u me. Please address the following elements in your Written analysis: If you believe there is a theme that dominates the case, you should identify it as such.

Managing a global team: greg james at sun microsystems, inc. essay

Global Teams That Work From the October Issue of Harvard Business Review To succeed in the global economy today, more and more companies are relying on a geographically dispersed workforce.

Managing a global team: greg james at sun microsystems, inc. essay

They build teams that offer the best functional expertise from around the world, combined with deep, local knowledge of the most promising markets. They draw on the benefits of international diversity, bringing together people from many cultures with varied work experiences and different perspectives on strategic and organizational challenges.

All this helps multinational companies compete in the current business environment. But managers who actually lead global teams are up against stiff challenges. Creating successful work groups is hard enough when everyone is local and people share the same office space.

But when team members come from different countries and functional backgrounds and are working in different locations, communication can rapidly deteriorate, misunderstanding can ensue, and cooperation can degenerate into distrust. Companies need to be aware of potential problems with unearned status gain, and be ready with solutions, says Tsedal Neeley.

Getting Cross-Cultural Teamwork Right Harvard Business Review Blog from September 10, People struggle with global teamwork, even though it's essential to success in multinational firms. They face conflicting group norms, practices, and expectations — all of which can cause severe fracturing along cultural lines.

So how do you negotiate those differences and discover common ground? Through extensive research on global organizations and teams, I've found that learning, understanding, and teaching are three critical factors — on both sides.

Language pervades every aspect of organizational life. Yet remarkably, leaders of global organizations, whose employees speak a multitude of languages, often pay too little attention to it in their approach to talent management. As we have observed in countless organizations, unrestricted multilingualism creates inefficiency in even the most dedicated and talented workforces.

Developing a comprehensive strategy for managing language can help transform that vulnerability into a source of competitive advantage. More and more multinational companies are mandating English as the common corporate language—Airbus, Daimler-Chrysler, Fast Retailing, Nokia, Renault, Samsung, SAP, Technicolor, and Microsoft in Beijing, to name a few—in an attempt to facilitate communication and performance across geographically diverse functions and business endeavors.Case Solution & Analysis for Managing a Global Team: Greg James at Sun Microsystems, Inc.

(A) by Tsedal Neeley, Thomas J. DeLong is available at best price. Greg James - A fast growing manager at IBM who faces a sudden series of issues in his team, which spans 3 countries - India, UAE and France, in addition to the team in the US. Rahul Ashok - An IIT grad, who has worked in US before.

Essay 3 Greg James at Sun For Later.

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United Cereal. question the suitability of team What should Greg James do in the long-term? - move the organization to a more integrated one.

Global Management. Name. Institution. Global Management. Section 1. Managing a Global Team: Greg James at Sun Microsystems, Inc. (A) Case Questions. you will work together to complete a team case analysis of the HBR articleManaging a Global Team: Greg James at Sun Microsystems, Inc.

In your case analysis, be sure to address how James could better bridge the cultural and geographic â gapâ of coordinating his diverse and dispersed team.

Managing a global team: greg james at sun microsystems, inc. essay

Managing a global team-greg james at sun microsystems You will be given a case study and associated essay questions. In response, you will write a paper answering the essay questions.

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