How british schools work

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How british schools work

This list comprises the ten international schools that offer the best balance of the above, though there are many other excellent schools that only just missed out. As no official league tables or exam results tables are published on international schools, this list takes into consideration their most recent exam results compared against the relative cost of attendance of which there is a surprisingly large margin and to a lesser extent extra-curricular, sporting, musical and theatrical facilities.

Singapore The Tanglin Trust School is a private fee-paying school with an open admissions policy and for 86 years it has provided the UK national curriculum to Expats based in Singapore.

Kuala Lumpur Garden International School is the largest private, co-educational, international school in Malaysia. The school hosts over students from over fifty countries.

Facilities include purpose-built Drama, Music, Art, DT and Languages suites, a 25m, 8-lane Swimming pool, synthetic turf field, tennis courts, basketball courts, indoor sports facilities and specialist teaching rooms that support a high level of IT integration, all with the lowest tuition fees on the list.

Beijing Dulwich College Beijing is part of the umbrella Dulwich college group, which run schools across the world from London to Seoul to Beijing. Based on the original Dulwich college London the Beijing School has four houses which students are assigned to, to create an atmosphere of friendly competition and a sense of identity.

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This also means that the school mainly follows the British national curriculum, though the IB is taken at sixth form rather than A-Levels. In terms of academic performance Dulwich college is the highest out of any in the list with a very impressive average IB points of 36, well above the global average of However due to the relative cost, it only ranks third.

Bahrain Another British style school, St Christophers in Bahrain achieved a very strong set of exam results despite the heat conditions! Though the exam results are not quite as impressive as some places below it in the list, the relatively low fee cost nets it fourth place.

How british schools work

British School of Paris Based in the heart of Paris, the British School Of Paris boasts possibly the most enviable location for any international school. The close availability and depth of local history, art and culture mean that students enjoy as rich an education outside the classroom as inside.

A-Level results are very impressive and it would place higher if it were not for the fact that the fee system works out as the second most expensive of any on the list.

Sir James Henderson School: A very close fifth, but even the relatively affordable fees were not enough to push it above the stronger academic performance of the other schools. However, both schools boast excellent extra-curricular facilities as well as very thorough and well balanced approaches to teaching music, sport and drama.The COBIS Pastoral Care Conference, hosted by the British School of Bucharest, attracted more than 40 colleagues from schools in 21 different countries including Switzerland, Qatar, Israel, Uganda and .

We work to support schools in providing quality formational learning experiences for every student, and to support diversity among learners. We work with schools to promote the integration of biblical worldview within curricular construction, pedagogical application and innovation, and authentic assessment practices, toward enhancing local learning .

COBIS (Council of British International Schools), is a membership association of British schools of quality and is a member of the Independent Schools Council (ISC) of the United Kingdom.

So absolutely, if you have the experience, qualifications, and fluency in English -- buy all means work at an international school! I’m sure they’d be. The British Council is the United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational Nov 27,  · In most Counties we have Primary School from age 5 to 11, then Secondary School age 11 to 16 and then Sixth Form College age 16 to University after that.

Many Secondary schools also incorporate the Sixth form Resolved. Source: B.R. Mitchell, Abstract of British Historical Statistics, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, , p Domestic Service.

Domestic work – cooking, cleaning, caring for children and the sick, fetching water, making and mending clothing – took up the bulk of women’s time during the Industrial Revolution period.

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