Does custom writings workaholics

Scholars have exhausted their vocabularies extolling the glory and greatness of Psalms The following quotation from Charles Haddon Spurgeon expresses perfectly our own views on this question:

Does custom writings workaholics

SHARE In order to fully understand the inner dynamics of workaholism, we initially began by exploring how the perfectionistic tendencies of workaholics gradually lead to obsessive thoughts and compulsive acts. In turn, we examined how their narrow fixation on work-related issues leads to the development of increasing levels of ego-inflated, self-absorbed neurotic narcissism.

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Concurrently, another dynamic is occurring that has a profoundly negative effect on the personalityhealthand values of the work-obsessed individual. Our focus now turns to the highly predictable Breakdown Syndrome that workaholism follows. Because the breakdown is internal, these changes are not readily observed.

does custom writings workaholics

However, eventually family members and fellow workers do begin to notice a number of character changes that, over does custom writings workaholics, will adversely affect the personal and professional life of the workaholicas well as their own.

Since fears underlie every obsession, it is important to identify the particular chronic fears that can cause workaholics to suffer severe panic attacks and debilitating depression. In retrospect, recovering workaholics do recognize that seemingly overnight, or so it seems, at the height of their success when they were the most confidentcocky, and arrogant, an insidious undercurrent of troubling self-doubt began to seep into consciousness.

The following fears do become more conscious as the breakdown progresses. Keep in mind that fear for workaholics is present in all situations where there is the potential for criticism, rejection, or abandonment. My clients tell me thattheir fear of failure is huge, their worst nightmare!

These determined striving perfectionists rarely experienced failure in their early years, and to fail would be considered an unforgivable betrayal of their idealized image. The ultimate fear for many is to be publicly fired or let go. Even demotions or forced transfers can be devastating.

Themore thebeing-feeling authentic Self disappears and the carefully-crafted doing-performing persona dominates, the more acute fears become. Sally, an economist, was unmasked one day when a significant failure at work became public. She was immobilized for weeks because she no longer knew who she was, separate from what she did.

Sally came close to suffering a nervous breakdown. Workaholics do bore quickly, become restless and impulsiveand sometimes plain reckless. Impatient, they want things done now. Easily agitated and quick to judge, they make snap decisions that lead to serious errors in judgment.

Faster is not necessarily smarter, and efficiency suffers seriously over time. Their blunt, sharp responses and need to rush make others nervous.

Retirement forces an identity crisis. With no solid work to preserve the past, no concrete signs of self-definition, no external structure, and no specific goals or purpose, anxiety reaches new heights.

The idea that driven workaholics fear laziness seems paradoxical, but psychologically, they are lazy. There seems to be little introspection concerning what makes them tick, or where their life might be headed. Instead, they live a frenetic lifestyle of over-scheduling to achieve unrealistic expectations that belie their suspicion that if they let up, even for a short time, a natural laziness would take over.

They run flat-out on the proverbial Gerbil Wheel, overworking the countless details that perfectionism demands. They feel most alive when they are pumping adrenalin, and hell-bent on getting to their next goal.

A fear of being seen to be lazy steers them away from any relaxation activities that might distract them because they must succeed at all costs! Anxiety can be acute on Sundays when nothing is scheduled, and others seem content to relax.

As faulty obsessional thinking results in serious errors in judgment, efficiency suffers, and anxious workaholics worry about the visibility of their mistakes.Aletheia Luna is an influential psychospiritual writer whose work has changed the lives of thousands of people worldwide.

After escaping the religious sect she was raised in, Luna experienced a profound existential crisis that led to her spiritual awakening. Addiction to Work (Workaholism) Samantha Gluck.

Comprehensive information on work addiction, styles of the workaholic, how to tell if you're a workaholic and treatment for addiction to work. Workaholics see their work as a place of safety from the unpredictableness of life and distance from unwanted feelings and/or commitments.

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does custom writings workaholics

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