Acco 340

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Acco 340

Thank you for choosing the GBC We aim to produce quality binding machines with features that enable your to create excellent results every time. Before using it for the first time, please take a few minutes to read this guide.

We hope this enables you to bind documents easily. For other Acco 340 tools and tips, please visit us at www. Do not punch metal objects such as staples or paper clips. Empty the waste tray regularly. Make sure the machine is operated on a flat stable surface.

Never lift the machine by the punching handle Fig. Always use the hand grips located on the side of the machine Fig. Do not use the machine if the power cord is damaged. Do not place the power cord where it may be tripped over or pulled.

Make sure that it does not come into contact with hot surfaces such as pipes or radiators. Make sure the cable is not crushed or pinched.

Do not use an extension cord unless absolutely necessary. Do not leave the CE connected to the electrical outlet when not in use. Do not immerse the CE in water or other liquids. Doing so will result in electric shock. Do not attempt to disassemble the CE. Unpacking Your machine is ready to use when removed from the box.

Retain the packaging in case you need to return the machine for repair. The punching mechanism is coated with a protective film of lubricant which will mark your paper. Clean this by punching scrap paper until clean prior to binding. The CE must be grounded. If in doubt, consult a qualified electrician.

This machine is designed to finish 5 bound documents per minute, up to a maximum of operating for 30 minutes on and for 30 minutes off. This machine has a thermal overload safety feature. If the motor overheats, this safety feature activates and will prevent the machine from punching until it has cooled sufficiently.

The thermal overload switch will automatically reset after approximately 15 minutes of rest. Selecting the CombBind Lift the lid and punch handle to the upright position.

Place entire document so it rests on the lid. Check the CombBind needed by using the paper thickness guide.

Acco 340

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Acco 340

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